Not-kia: One-Time Mobile Giant’s Name Erased – R.I.P NOKIA

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Nokia branding is dropped from the latest Lumia model after Microsoft bought the Finnish firm’s phone division.

It was once the global leader in mobile phones – but now the Nokia phone name is no more.

The Finnish technology company’s phone division was bought by Microsoft in a £4.6bn deal last year, and the Windows maker has dropped the Nokia branding on the new Lumia 535 phone for the first time.

The five-inch phone runs Windows Phone 8.1 and will cost around £100 on its release early next year.

Mobile phone expert Rob Kerr, from comparison website uSwitch, said the decision to drop the name Nokia was similar to Sony dropping the Ericsson branding.

“The Lumia 535 is a strange launchpad for Microsoft to flex its muscles with as mobile maker.

“It’s not a standout model, but an affordable, entry-level handset, and it’s set to miss the Christmas shopping rush. But perhaps the point is to leave us wanting more.”
Windows Phone accounts for less than 10% of Europe’s smartphone operating systems, lagging behind Apple’s market share of 15.4% and Android’s 73.9%.
Nokia is continuing to operate as a networks, mapping and technology licensing company, and still owns the Nokia brand name.

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