Freelance reporter/blogger Job

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Jobs is a small and independent publication with a virtual newsroom of one. Am always looking for new reporter talent and have the following open positions.

Freelance reporter/blogger welcomes both established and starting journalists who have strong affinity with copyright and privacy issues.

A reporter should be able to find unique stories that are not covered yet by mainstream news outlets, day in and day out.

– Can you make and break news?
– Do most news reports you read raise questions?
– Can you work independently?
– Do you tend to ignore press releases?
– Are your English skills better than the average reporter?

If the answers to the above are yes, then you might be a good fit for us.

Are you interested in joining our virtual news desk? Fill form HERE

In addition, send along a short summary (100/200 words) of a unique news article you would write on the day you submit your application.

Text on WhatsApp (WhatsApp contact is for the editor of this blog for information inquiries only)

If you have any Question, please ask here>>

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